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Breezy Hill Farm

Margot's Kindergarten class went on a fall field trip to Breezy Hill Farms in Benton, Illinois.  It was so cold, and their little lunchtime picnic had to be cut short because of misty rain.  In the fall, we never know what the weather might do.  One day it's 80F, and the next day there might be a dusting of snow on the ground.  I don't really think the kids were bothered with weather, they had a fantastic time and they got to pick out a cute little pumpkin to bring home.  We finished off the day by carving our 'Great Pumpkins.'  Margot didn't really like cleaning it out.  She thought it smelled really bad and gave up on it.  I finished the scraping and helped her decide on what sort of face she wanted.  She didn't want triangular eyes, she wanted princess eyes.  So, I tried my best to make an almond shaped eye without the proper pumpkin carving tools.  I am really going to have to invest in some good, sharp utensils for next year.  Astrud really wanted to carve her own this year.  We usually let the girls draw out the design they want, and then we do the carving.  I stood by and watched her carefully.  In my mind I had pictures of the femoral artery being slashed opened and fingers flying..I panicked and decided maybe we should give her one more year before we let her do the whole pumpkin. Since it was a lot harder than she thought it would be, she handed over the knife and let me finish the design she wanted.  We finished off the fun by watching 'Night of the Living Dead (1968).'  The kids always get a kick out of how bad the zombies look. If you would like more information about Breezy Hill Farms please click HERE.BreezyHill-MankinphotographyBreezyHill2-MankinphotographyBreezyHill3-MankinphotographyBreezyHill4-Mankinphotographypumpkin1-MankinphotographyThe Mankins_October 29, 2013_-42The Mankins_October 29, 2013_-32pumpkin2-Mankinphotographypumpkin3-Mankinphotography
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