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Halloween is Cancelled

Southern Illinois has very unpredictable weather, especially in the fall and spring months.  Take for instance in the past week, we have had temps that have spanned from 32F up to almost 80F.  Last Tuesday it was so cold and rainy, all I wanted to do was to snuggle up on the couch, and drink hot cocoa.  Wednesday was so warm, I went to pick up the kids in a tank, and flip-flops.  The weather was so incredible that I wished it would hang around for at least one more day...but...it didn't.  Thursday we had torrential rain.  All day it rained, and in the evening, we even had the threat of tornadoes.  Halloween had been officially cancelled for the 31st.  We stayed at home and tried to watch  'It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966)', but between the weather updates, and tornado siren going off, we finally gave up.  The next day mother nature thanked our patience by giving us a warm, and very sunny November 1st.  By late afternoon the sun was so warm and glowing that we couldn't have asked for anything better.  The adults started off the evening with some Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale, we walked up and down the neighborhood as the kiddo's gathered as much candy as their little pumpkin buckets could hold.  We had so much fun and the leaves looked as if they were on fire.  The glow of orange and red lit up the evening.  We gathered friends and neighbors along the way and headed home to little pit fire in the backyard.  The kids had fresh apple spice cakes and cider, and toasted smores as they warmed their toes.  All of us had a good time, we hope to continue the Halloween after-party next year. Halloween5Halloween15aThe-Mankins_November-01,-2013_-139Halloween6The-Mankins_November-01,-2013_-26Halloween7aThe-Mankins_November-01,-2013_-230aThe Mankins_November 01, 2013_-248aThe-Mankins_November-01,-2013_-251Halloween8Halloween2Halloween3Halloween4The Mankins_November 01, 2013_-398Halloween9Halloween11Halloween10Halloween12aThe Mankins_November 01, 2013_-420Halloween1Halloween13aThe-Mankins_November-01,-2013_-623Halloween14aThe-Mankins_November-01,-2013_-634aThe-Mankins_November-01,-2013_-646
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