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Merry Christmas From the Mankins

One day while looking through pinterest I found a picture of the Vitrine Dior window display in Paris.  I fell instantly in love, and knew I had to try to recreate this look of fluffy tulle poms, and silvery backdrops.  Last month I found these cute little vintage-y dresses made from delicate pink tulle and golden sequin stars, they were actually for their piano and violin recitals but ended up looking perfect in these portraits.  Everything just fell into place and I really couldn't be happier with results.  I could have made a whole post of DIY's on how to achieve this look..and may start incorporating set design and processing methods that I use into future posts, but for now..I will just show off these adorable images of the two little girls that make my life complete. Our family portraits are usually the last of the season and that means that it's time for us to take a long needed break.  We have some very big news coming up in the new year so stay tuned...but until then....... We want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year! Take care and we will see you in 2014!!!DSC_4727MankinphotographyChristmas3MankinphotographyChristmas4DSC_4842aMankinphotographyChristmas8MankinphotographyChristmas1MankinphotographyChristmas7DSC_5036DSC_4858MankinPhotographyChristmas2MankinphotographyChristmas6DSC_5088MankinphotographyChristmas5MankinphotographyChristmas9DSC_4845DSC_4961MankinphotographyChristmas12DSC_5037MankinphotographyChristmas13DSC_5003DSC_4919MankinphotographyChristmas14MankinphotographyChristmas10MankinphotographyChristmas19DSC_5150DSC_5039MankinphotographyChristmas18MankinphotographyChristmas16DSC_5068MankinphotographyChristmas15DSC_4866MankinphotographyChristmas11DSC_5165DSC_4975MankinphotographyChristmas17DSC_4863DSC_4794DSC_4766MankinphotographyChristmas20DSC_4656
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